Friday, November 5, 2010

Google Documents: How to create a digital quiz

We know that Google Documents can be used for many things in or out of the classroom. However, sometimes you come across some features that still have the potential to surprise you. This time, I want to show how you can create digital quizzes by using the forms feature in Documents. After you have finished a quiz, you can send it to your students or embed it in your blog. In addition, you can evaluate their answers and see who has taken the quiz. Let's start:

 1. Create a new form in Google Documents

2. Fill in the form with information about your quiz. Your first question has to be the student's name so that you know who took your test.

3. After you click "done", you can continue adding questions by clicking "add item". There are different question types you can choose from, however, I wouldn't recommend using too many different types of questions in one test because it may get confusing for both the teacher and the student.

4. After you are finished writing (or copy/pasting) your questions, you can change the appearance of your quiz by applying a theme. You can also edit, duplicate or delete a question and change the order of the questions by dragging them into another location.

5. Now you can send the form to your students via email or you can embed into your blog by copying/pasting the embed code.

6. It is possible that the quiz might be too big in width and height for your blog. In this case, you have to change its size.

This is how your quiz will look like after you send it to your students:

In your blog:

7.  How to see and evaluate answers: After completing your quiz, you will see that there is a new document in your Google Documents account. When you click that document, you will see that it opens a spreadsheet just like an Excel spreadsheet. There, you will find everybody's answers together with the time they have taken the quiz. It should look like this:

I hope this was useful. If you have any other suggestions please comment.
Have fun.


rina said...

Thank You Hakan Bey! It was very useful!
Sara Rina Eskenazi

elif said...

Thank you.. This post is really beneficial..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do you ensure security so that the student doesn't open up an other link to find the answer?

Hakan Senturk said...

Unfortunately you cannot ensure such security. It depends on the students internal motivation to take your quiz and not cheat. On the other hand, such quizzes can be given in computer labs. There, you can monitor the students.

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