Friday, October 22, 2010

Alternative Video Sites for Teachers who Live in Countries that cannot Access Youtube for Reasons Unknown!!!

Everybody on this planet knows that you cannot access Youtube in Turkey. I came to realize this when I saw this map on a site that was showing stereotypical maps of Europe. It shows Turkey as "NO YOUTUBE LAND". It also shows Switzerland as "BANK" and Norway as "SELFISH FISHERMAN LAND". I know all of this is intended as a joke, but still, it hurts to know that something which has such a huge educational value cannot be accessed in our country. According to this website, Youtube remains one of the best educational tools on the Internet. However, there are always alternative ways for teachers to get what they want for the sake of teaching (I am not talking about illegal ways to access Youtube!!). Here are some sites that you should visit if you want to use videos in the classroom (and live in a country that has no access to Youtube):

1. Teacher Tube

It is one of the most extensive educational video sites on the net. It has also documents, audio and photos on various topics intended for classroom use. However, you have to become a member to get rid of all the ads. (It is free)

2. BBC Learning Class Clips

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out the BBC Learning Website, then you have missed a lot.  It is on its own a great place to visit and learn a lot of things plus the neat design with comprehensive content. The class clips are very useful for many activities in class or as homework. There are direct links to the videos, however, you cannot embed them into your blog.

3. Videojug

Videojug is a "how to" video site with tons of videos about virtually everything from "how to make homemade vanilla ice cream" to "how to tune a piano". The videos are accompanied by a printable scripts. So, you can use the videos for a variety of activities in the classroom or as homework. All videos can be embedded into your blog.


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